Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Let’s talk Marketing!

Welcome everyone – let's talk Marketing! My name is Frankie and this marks the beginning, of what I hope, to be a very insightful process. It is rather nerve racking putting myself and my thoughts in the public eye, but I believe the quickest way to learn about a topic, is to find like-minded people who aren't afraid of sharing their thoughts and experiences openly in the hopes that everybody can learn from everybody. Education is so expensive and often worthless in comparison to real life experiences.

My background in the advertising industry started on 8th June 1998. It's funny how life changing dates stick in our heads and that fateful day I started working for a small, but 'shit-hot' (that's a technical term), advertising agency. I came on board as a secretary and a PA for 4 people - the boss, her husband the creative, her brother the writer and her loyal but testy media buyer and right hand Lady. The media buyer resigned after 6 months of my being there (nothing to do with me, luckily) which made a promotion for me inevitable and possible. My boss taught me everything there was to know about running an agency because she wanted her setup to include being able to go away for long holidays and not worry that the office would need to shut down. I managed clients; media bookings; publicity operations; client reports; general traffic; all office operations; banking accounts; payments; billings; filing; answering of phones and just about anything else that was required. The only things I never handled were the budgets and getting briefs for new jobs. This was the best opportunity that had ever been sent my way and with gratitude I worked hard, listened carefully and learnt a ton during what I now term, my apprenticeship.

My boss grew tired of running an ad agency and decided she wanted to sell-up and ship out. She sold the company to a man who had every intention of making a good go of it, but in the end didn't quite manage. I believe it came down to relationships and to cut a long story short, I resigned with the writer hot on my heels. On the 1st January 2003, he and I opened our own agency and thanks to previous relationships some clients insisted on moving with us. And so our business was born.

Even with 11 years' service completed in the advertising industry and my company's 7th birthday in January 2010, I am still learning an incredible amount, sometimes daily, about the advertising industry and I hope to be a part of its rebirth when it happens. I believe that advertising needs to move with the times and become easily accessible to everybody, not just the elite, and that is what i believe the internet offers.

In my next post I'll introduce Branding, what it means to me and briefly look at the value of brands as I understand them. I hope you enjoy the marketing process for cozwecan.com and if I'm lucky enough to have questions or comments, I'll welcome the debates and conversations that follow.

I am very excited about this completely new market for me and can't wait to begin creating a strategy with the help of my partners, Rob and Paul, without which, this would just be a pipe dream. I hope by sharing our experience on-line that I get to learn a lot and share a great deal through this journey.

Thanks for joining me!



  1. Great intro Frankie - you have me hankering for more. Really interested in the stuff you are still learning and how this aligns with your journey ahead. Seeing your strategy come to life is something I am really looking forward too......and besides, Rob's technical stuff is way over my head! Good luck guys and keep us updated, Susan.

  2. Hey Susan

    Lovely to have someone following my blog post. Thanks for the kind words and rest assured I will try to keep you enthralled. Take Care! Frankie