Monday, 4 January 2010

Year++ and Team members++

Happy new year to everyone following our progress and here’s wishing you all fantastic success for this, the last year of the decade i.e. 2010! Controversial I know – it’s a geek thing ;-)

We’ve been cracking the whip on publically for a good 6 months now, formulating ideas, getting our ducks in a row etc. but the idea came to us a good solid year before that. You’d think we could get something out the door by now – well that’s hopefully coming one small step giant leap closer! Whilst the incubation of a start-up definitely hinges upon effective time management, a huge portion of it effectively boils down to “actual time spent” working on the project. As I said right at the beginning, we all have day jobs which keep us pretty busy and putting time in has always been a labour of love – and strictly part-time.

Until now that is…

Without further ado, I’d like to publicly welcome our first full time team member on the project. I’m very happy to announce that Scott Galloway has agreed to join our team to help speed up our development efforts. Scott joins us after spending the last 4+ years working at Microsoft including 2 years on the ASP.NET team – you know…the platform we’re building this entire thing on?!

You can find out more on his blog or contact him on twitter.

This is very exciting for us indeed! Scott brings a wealth of technical expertise and ideas to the team which we’ll be exploiting utilising to the best of his and our ability! Most importantly, this will help accelerate our time to market, which is the best possible thing a start-up can do for its survival.

Watch this space!

So what now you may be thinking? Well, the first thing we’ll be aiming for is getting a private beta out to a select group of photographers and testers to play with and provide feedback. You can expect a lot of progress in this area over the next few months – as soon as we know the dates, so will you.

If you’d like to participate in the beta, then feel free to drop us an email to with your reasoning and we’ll be sure to get in touch as we get closer to launching it.

When will that be you may ask? Well that depends on quite a few things really. It depends on the speed at which Scott and I can write the code and it depends on whether or not Frankie and Paul like the results they see. Then there’s “legal” and “content” and “look & feel” etc. being worked on in parallel. Either way, we’ve much more than doubled our programming power now, so we should start seeing results in the very near future!

Wish us luck… Hopefully 2010 brings us a little success too!

All the best,
Rob G

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