Saturday, 1 May 2010

Time for a separation of concerns…

I know what some of you are thinking – and no it’s not that kind of blog post :)

Reality check

As gets closer to launching, it’s getting more and more obvious to us that the target audience of this blog is not going to be very technical in the programming sense. Rather, the audience will more than likely comprise of those people interested in the world of photography (technical or otherwise) and/or whatever other verticals we end up pursuing, as well as those interested in small start-ups and how they operate.

Missing opportunities

It would be unfair to expect that audience to have to digest (or skip) the deep technical dives that I sometimes do here. We would like for that audience to benefit from a far greater percentage of the posts here, and hence the need to narrow our focus.

Even worse, I have found myself holding back on technical posts that are in no way related to effectively missing the opportunity to put my thoughts out there unless I have some other outlet.

With that in mind, I have decided to split off the programming and technical portion of this blog to a blog of my own where I can wax lyrical and spout all sorts of gobbledygook without having to concern myself that it isn’t directly applicable to the business as such.

And for those people who visit this blog in future as we begin to gain some momentum – at least they won’t have to put up with my technical musings and can rather hopefully gain some benefit from much more accurately targeted content.

No time like the present

So without further ado and with immediate effect, all of the technical programming content on this blog will be moving to its new home at my very own: I’ll still be blogging here of course, but my articles will take on a decidedly different flavour, one more palatable to the audience we hope to attract and keep!

If you’re still keen to follow my technical ramblings, then by all means subscribe to the feed there and I’ll hopefully keep you entertained from time to time.

But for now, all the best.
Robert The Grey


  1. Rob,

    Which blog engine do you use? has just gone live and as a new student of generating inbound traffic, lesson 1 was to start a blog.

    Ideally the provider hosts it, but it appears on my url. I can also host it myself if necessary.

  2. This runs on the Blogger platform